Businesses that fail to adapt will face fierce challenge from more nimble market entrants

The pandemic has driven the rapid adoption of digital, which has in turn driven higher consumer expectations of the digital experience and a desire for parity of services between digital channels and bricks and mortar equivalents. This drives greater competition across markets. Businesses that are able to adapt and respond quickly consume market share from traditional market incumbents. Business leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality solutions at pace. When implemented correctly, digital agility offers a way to achieve the pace required. But, care should be taken to avoid the key pitfalls we’ve outlined in this article. This can be achieved through:

  • Establishing a culture and mindset that empowers teams and provides them with the safety to fail fast and learn quickly
  • A planning, prioritisation and governance model that aligns the company in one direction, enables a laser focus on value, and allows the flexibility to pivot when required
  • Transforming the technical estate to provide a foundational platform that removes the blockers and constraints that hinder delivery at pace.

Are you in the middle of an Agile transformation that is struggling or have we missed any ideas for making the transition a success? Or perhaps you disagree with the points we make here? Either way we’d love to hear from you and are very happy to continue the discussion.

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