Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad famously told his management team to "think about where we should be in 200 years’ time". Asked if he was looking too far ahead, he instructed them to create a short-term plan – for the next 100 years.20 Kamprad was presumably exaggerating to make his point. But we think he was onto something. For leaders, daily life presents plenty of challenges that require attention. Not everyone can look as far into the future as Kamprad suggested. But increasingly, businesses need to become ambidextrous – acting for today and anticipating the potential futures tomorrow will bring. There are questions we all need to answer.

  • How will your business embrace the best of human and digital? Can you act with empathy, agility and purpose? Will you be able to become automated, intelligent and efficient?
  • What role will data play in the future of your business? How connected, intelligent and predictive will your business need to be? Will you be able to do this while managing privacy and security and building trust?
  • Which business models will disrupt your industry, and where will you place your bets?

Of course, none of us know quite where the future will take us. But that doesn’t stop us looking ahead with optimism and ambition. At Baringa, we believe digital innovations will continue to raise human expectations. The world will become increasingly connected and intelligent, data will empower and disruptive business models will continue to emerge. Could that pace of change be a little unsettling? Maybe. But should it also inspire? Definitely. Let’s look through the fog of uncertainty, and understand the potential futures we might live in. Let’s decide on the role we’ll play. How we’ll contribute and succeed. As leaders, let’s shape the digital businesses we will become.

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In early 2020, we launched our Twelve Shifts of Digital framework. In doing so, we attempted to codify digital transformation in order to demystify what digital means for our clients. The changes induced by the pandemic have accelerated these shifts in ways we couldn’t have imagined, but they stood the test of time. They remain as useful today as a framework for clarity in a complex world. We help businesses run more effectively, navigate industry shifts and reach new markets. More geek than generalist, we combine deep expertise, industry insights, innovative ideas, practical approaches and a collaborative style we call ‘Brighter Together’. Through Baringa’s Co-Creation Labs we provide a safe, immersive and collaborative environment for leadership teams to understand what their potential futures hold; craft inspiring visions; and make strategic choices for becoming a customer-led, digital business. Can we help you navigate your Digital Future? Baringa. Brighter Together.