Move to a Scalable Technology Estate, Fit for the Future

Technology leaders face a barrage of competing priorities; effective stewardship of a technology estate means being able to exploit the potential of the cloud and leading digital platforms to improve performance, balancing the requisite pace and value demanded today with the scalability and resilience needed over the long term.

What should you be thinking about now?

  • How do we architect an estate to enable agile customer-led change while ensuring we have the right capabilities for a secure and resilient estate?
  • What's the right sourcing strategy to achieve our business objectives?
  • How can we rapidly develop and embed new cloud-based platforms?
  • How can we maximise the return on investment from cloud infrastructure?
  • What's an effective migration approach and how do we realise the optimal benefits from decommissioning?

Platforms for Growth


Digital platforms hand Technology leaders the keys to become growth architects, to inform or even drive their organisation’s strategic agenda.

Investments in innovative, cloud-based digital platforms, in micro-services and in intelligent automation create differentiation, agility, resilience and efficiency.

Architecting for value is a C-suite agenda for the digital age.

How we support clients

We help leaders co-create and adapt a technology strategy that balances the demanding business needs of today with the enablers of growth, scalability and resilience for the future.

Baringa’s Architecture@Pace framework, and our SAFe4 Architecture Certified Architects, help clients develop pragmatic digital blueprints that are firmly anchored in the strategic priorities of the business.

Journey to Cloud


Digital businesses live in the Cloud, but the journey to the Cloud is just beginning.

Organisations that find themselves hindered by legacy estates, fighting to escape technical debt, need to architect for a future in the Cloud.

Cloud based services improve every day, becoming increasingly integrated and intelligent and providing a level of agility and resilience that enables success.

How we support clients

We have a proven track record as trusted client-side advisors to define Cloud Strategies, deliver complex Cloud Migrations and optimise Cloud investments.

We work across vendors and third-party System Integrators, acting for our clients. We inject expertise, pragmatism and collaboration to unlock delivery velocity and value.

Technology Operating Model


Initiating a broad-brush shift to Agile ways of working is not sufficient to drive true agility.

Businesses need to understand the change velocities appropriate for different applications across the stack and invest in appropriate architecture, DevOps models, governance, resourcing and supplier arrangements to meet a range of priorities and drive continuous improvement.

How we support clients

We believe different constructs and team patterns are needed to support the processes that create value vs. those where market differentiation is not a priority.

Our IT Operating Model Toolkit provides a 360o assessment of an IT function, mapping the various services and processes to the most effective construct needed to deliver them.

Cyber Security & Resilience


Security and resilience are table stakes in the digital era.

While investments in cyber security increase, the number and impact of successful attacks and data loss events continue to rise.

And as Covid-19 highlighted to devastating effect, businesses designed for resilience thrive through disruption while others fight to survive.

How we support clients

Our Cyber Security Specialists and Digital Architects bring a wealth of experience to help our clients better understand, establish and embed the controls necessary to deliver secure, resilient solutions.

Whether driven by regulatory change, business transformation or specific areas of remediation, we help our clients plan, design, deliver and embed the changes they need to compete and to win.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please reach out to:

Neil Maidment

Melissa Bailey