Embed Trust & Intelligence with Connected Data

Data is the red blood cells of digital organisations. Harnessed, it provides the opportunity for valuable insights, personalised engagement and intelligent automation. But moving beyond 'proof of concepts' requires establishing trust in quality data, sustainable capability development and a multi-disciplinary approach to delivering business value.

What should you be thinking about now?

  • What should our strategy be for managing and exploiting data?
  • How do we become a more insight-led organisation?
  • What data assets and platforms do we need to develop to deliver on our business objectives?
  • How can we build customer and colleague trust in our data quality?
  • How can we move beyond 'Proof of Concepts', embedding AI into our journeys, processes and decision making?

Trusted Data


Data is the red blood cells of digital organisations, and there has never been more of it. But many are struggling to create trusted data that forms the basis for effortless experiences, reliable reporting, insightful analytics and transformational AI.

Only by building the right culture, ways of working, governance and architecture can businesses fully realise the potential of their data.

How we support clients

We build trust by defining how data will be managed and exploited in order to meet the business’ strategic objectives.

We define and build the data definitions, models and platforms, and embed effective governance.

And, by using our Saw Model™ method, we build these data assets and enduring capabilities while delivering business value.

Insight Everywhere


Insight-driven organisations are more successful than their peers.

Whilst many businesses have built pockets of analytical capability, sector leaders embed and align capabilities across the enterprise.

In doing so, they connect insight with the needs of the business; ensuring insight is provided in a timely manner, aligned with the pursuit of actionable goals and communicated effectively.

How we support clients

Through our Insight-as-a-Service model we help address business’ most critical questions. We do so by rapidly building insights across disparate data sets and driving to the heart of strategic and operational issues in a data-driven way.

And, to deliver an enduring insight capability and realise the ROI from data, we establish the operating model to effectively co-ordinate insight resources across the organisation.

Embedded AI


As organisations grapple with the challenge of moving beyond the Proof of Concept the promise of AI is yet to be fully realised.

From building and training auditable and ethical models to exploiting server-less technology and developing the continuous deployment processes, effective scaling of fully productionised and integrated solutions requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

How we support clients

We build and deploy AI-enabled solutions into production.

But to capture value, we help our clients get clarity on the role of AI in supporting their objectives and drive the necessary organisational changes to realise them.

And finally, we build the teams, skills, processes and technologies to sustain an effective AI strategy and operating model beyond experimentation.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please reach out to:

David Blackwell

Michael Lee

Kelly Hume