Explore & Understand Disruptive Territories

The journey for a digital transformation starts by understanding how digital is disrupting and transforming an industry. Only then can organisations craft a vision for success over the next five, ten years or beyond. Some organisations may look to accelerate ideas rapidly to market outside the constraints of the established operating model, partnering with others in their ecosystem to learn and scale digital innovation; others look to inspire and mobilise a movement that cascades and empowers teams.

What should you be thinking about now?

  • What are the threats that are going to disrupt my world?
  • How will we continue to be relevant for our customers?
  • How can we develop a vision that inspires our stakeholders and employees?
  • How can we prove market hypotheses before making large investments?

Future Horizons


Adapting over the long term requires businesses to identify, understand, assess and track the impact of changes on the horizon.

But these changes won’t happen in isolation. A new approach is needed to assess the compound impact of these, be they long-term shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours, emerging and disruptive business models, social challenges, or digital technology.

How we support clients

We combine industry expertise with our library of cross-industry benchmarks, human-centred research techniques and digital insights.

With the Baringa Horizon Scanning Toolkit, we bring the best of Baringa’s specialists to our clients, cutting across domains to help them understand and navigate their future horizons and what it means to their business.

Vision for Change


In uncertain and volatile markets, a compelling vision and purpose provides business with their one true constant; guiding decision-making and inspiring a movement.

Combined with an empowered workforce, painting a north star helps leaders take the first steps to unlocking long-term value.

Only then can they create a meaningful impact on customers, stakeholders, and shareholders.

How we support clients

Through Baringa’s Co-creation Labs we help our clients understand, imagine and craft a compelling vision for their organisation and customers.

By developing a series of assets from design principles and personas, to prototypes and immersive experiences, we help organisations stay true to their north star long after we’ve gone.

Incubating the Future


If you don’t disrupt yourself, someone else will. So, how do you think and act like lean start-ups?

By exploring ecosystems, adjacent customer needs, and new business models, there is an opportunity for businesses to exploit potential areas of long-term value.

Leveraging existing assets can support rapid growth, but care is needed it doesn’t add inertia or create challenges to scaling.

How we support clients

Our team of Growth Architects, combined with our experts across industries, help clients accelerate the launch of new propositions, to learn and scale sustainably.

We create the environment for design and entrepreneurship to flourish; we bring the tools to accelerate to market and test hypotheses; and we bring the expertise to scale sustainably and learn the lessons from others.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please reach out to:

Robert Ward