Grow the Talent & Environment to Optimise Flow

People really are at the heart of any successful digital transformation and businesses need to create the right environment if they are to attract and retain the workforce of the future. By realigning and coaching colleagues to become more agile and applying intelligent automation to digitise processes, businesses have the opportunity to optimise flow and maximise value delivered to customers.

What should you be thinking about now?

  • How do we increase the value delivered and pace of change? And how do we move from project-to- product based change?
  • How do we attract, develop and get the best from our people?
  • How do our leaders need to adapt in a world of constant change? And how do we transform our culture?
  • How do we simplify and automate our operations and processes?

Agile Organisations


Traditional organisational silos and management systems don’t allow organisations to learn and adapt at speed or deliver on the actual needs of customers.

Those that embrace enterprise agility form multi-disciplinary teams aligned to value; decision-making is federated to those with the information; and lean startup approaches to governance and funding are adopted at scale.

How we support clients

We help organisations design and implement agility and resilience, taking a learning by doing ethos to quickly embed lasting change.

Furthermore, with an end-to-end perspective, from strategy to DevOps, we implement the tools, culture, leadership, structures, controls and governance to achieve true organisational agility.

Workforce of the Future


The Future of Work is here. Covid-19 drove a new set of employee values, catalysed adoption of new tools and new ways of working, shone a spotlight on leadership styles, challenged approaches to workforce planning and opened up access to new talent no longer constrained by location.

Meanwhile, the war for talent continues with a vengeance, meaning that people, and their engagement in your business, is a highly prized currency.

How we support clients

We coach leaders to develop and deliver their vision for the Future of Work; creating a compelling Employee Value Proposition where people perform at their best and feel valued and included.

We combine deep people and talent expertise with data and design capabilities to help business act on insight to grow a truly people-powered business across the talent lifecycle.

Intelligent Automation


The traditional trade-off between personalisation and efficiency is obsolete. With automation, there is the opportunity to deliver more relevant experiences at scale.

By effectively embedding automation and intelligence at the right points of the customer journey and removing manual effort from complex end-to-end processes, organisations can dramatically improve customer loyalty and reduce costs.

However, efforts to automate can be constrained by legacy silos or a range of poorly integrated systems resulting in disjointed processes, forced sequential steps and hand-off ridden chains of internally focused activity.

How we support clients

By applying design and systems thinking, we help clients step back from the immediate constraints and reimagine how to deliver on customer and employee needs.

Baringa’s Intelligent Automation approach combines Operational Excellence, Robotic Process Automation and Cultural Change to deliver rapid results and build a lasting capability and culture of continuous improvement.

Embedding Change


In the name of expediency or comfort there can be a tendency to focus digital transformation on tangible product or technology uplift with change management efforts delayed to the final step.

However, for many businesses legacy culture and behaviours are the most significant barrier to overcome; requiring dedicated attention from the outset and throughout the change journey.

How we support clients

As a people-centred consultancy our focus on leadership, culture and behaviours runs through our end-to-end approach to change.

We invest time with leaders from the outset of transformation, and our REAL Change Toolkit puts people at the centre of their change journey, driving authentic engagement, the desired culture and lasting change.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please reach out to:

Rob Maguire

Katharine Henley

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