Baringa’s Digital Transformation Playbook

Our Digital Transformation Playbook captures the experiences we’ve had in helping our clients become digital, to grow and succeed in a digital age.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to tackling what is a complex journey, so the Playbook focuses on seven outcomes which are central to every organisation’s success. While we would always encourage leaders to begin by crafting a compelling vision for the future, these are not intended to follow a specific order. The first three help organisations identify and deliver enduring customer value; the four beneath deliver the transformational change in capability and performance to create and sustain success. Click through to read more about successful Digital Transformation or contact our team for help on your journey.

Explore & Understand Disruptive Territories

Set the Direction for Value Creation & Transformation

Deliver Delightful Propositions & Experiences

Grow the Talent & Environment to Optimise Flow

Move to a Scalable Technology Estate, Fit for the Future

Embed Trust & Intelligence with Connected Data

Unlock Value from Enabling Functions