Unlock Value from Enabling Functions

Traditional 'back office functions' have a fundamental role to play in enabling a digital transformation - be they enabling new organisational structures or funding models, procurement teams becoming strategic partners as businesses look to engage in the broader ecosystem, or digital supply chains that provide transparency across silos and differentiate the customer proposition.

What should you be thinking about now?

  • How do we transform our Human Resources team to better partner with the business?
  • How can digital help remove manual processing and reconciliations from our finance function?
  • How can we create a better connected and more agile supply chain?
  • What digital capabilities do I need for procurement to help drive growth and innovation?



HR commonly fall into a trap of supporting or operating instead of truly enabling the business as it responds to market changes.

But the ability of HR teams to drive cultural transformation, achieve behaviour change and empower the best talent is critical to the sustainability and success of digital transformation.

To drive this shift, HR must have a new set of methods and tools at their disposal to recruit, engage, develop, recognise and include the next generation of talent.

How we support clients

We help HR functions become a strategic transformation partner for the organisation. Combining deep expertise in human capital with designers, data scientists, and architects, we partner with clients to catalyse change.

In doing so, we enable new purpose-led structures, new approaches to learning and development, and meaningful diversity and inclusion agendas.



Digital is enabling Finance functions to partner with the business to drive the bottom-line.

With intelligent, automated processing, live reporting and dynamic modelling or forecasting Digital is core to helping Finance functions re-focus time and money away from transactional accounting towards actionable intelligence from well visualised data.

How we support clients

We work alongside our clients to design and develop a digitally enabled Operating Model for their Finance organisation.

Design processes that take advantage of enabling technologies to improve speed and quality of insight. Manage the implementation of new technologies. Create the right organisation and teams for Digital Finance.

Supply Chain


Platform-based business models, D2C or eCommerce propositions and heightened customer expectations for the ‘last mile’ have placed supply chains at the centre of the value proposition for many digital businesses today.

No longer operating in silos with minimal digital capabilities or data, leading organisations have re-orientated their supply chains to focus beyond a traditional cost centre. They’ve designed customer-centric, efficient, resilient and digitally-enabled Supply Chains driving value and differentiation.

How we support clients

We help our clients fulfil their customer promise through the last mile. By designing fulfilment journeys around customers’ needs and mapping the digital backbone of the Supply Chain we help businesses differentiate, generate value and build relationships.

Working with our digital partners we help identify and design innovation that enriches the supply chain network.

And by developing digital supply chain skillsets we ensure the digital pivot is realised.



Self-service purchasing and automation is pivoting procurement away from a support function to an engine of growth and innovation.

Leaders are looking beyond source to pay digital capabilities towards supplier collaboration, risk management and sustainability initiatives that create competitive advantages.

But digital businesses appreciate the importance of collaborating along the value chain – leveraging third-party expertise or data, and engaging customers through their ecosystems.

Procurement plays a pivotal role in developing these partnerships or alliances and engaging external ecosystems to generate customer and business value.

How we support clients

We combine deep Procurement and Digital expertise to help our clients define their ‘North Star’ of capabilities, identify innovation via Digital Safaris to accelerate this journey and support in developing the skillsets that will drive the differentiation.

We help clients design and launch ecosystem-based propositions and establish the rules of engagement with collaborators and potential competitors.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please reach out to:

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