Getting D2C right

Our research reveals that consumers have high expectations when it comes to D2C. They’re demanding that organisations walk a tightrope – delivering bold, personalised and responsive propositions as well as D2C fundamentals like competitive pricing. Inevitably, there will be trade-offs.

Through our research and our first-hand experience, we’ve identified three key themes that we believe are key to success in D2C:

Frictionless consumer experience

  • What is convenience in a D2C context?
  • How do organisations balance convenience with speed and price?
  • What role does personalisation play in the consumer experience?

Innovative business models

  • How do businesses – and particularly B2B companies – shift to D2C?
  • What value do subscription models drive?
  • Is localisation a Covid-19 phenomenon, or is it here to stay?

Disruptive forces

  • How is sustainability going to change everything?
  • Are there other macro factors that impact D2C success?